Mission To contribute for human prosperity and happiness with our asset of consulting knowledge.
History Over 20 years, we have a history of counseling for thousands people who are working for different kinds of companies, particulary Information Technology companies. We implemented Skill Training, Mind setting Training and Process Training to them.
Also, we are consulting those who manage their own companies, as management consulting.
One of our consulting way, we provide products to our clients as a vender of hardware and software development. Sometimes, we cover market creation including R&D services. It is like "on hand consulting".
Organization ICT Division: ICT Products vender (Hardware, Software Development, R&D)
Consulting Division: Management consulting, Market creation consulting
             Human Resource Consulting, Score on Human Dignity
             Institute for Human Asset Management as subsidiary
Licence Certified Management Consultant by The International Council of Management Consulting Institutes. It is called "CMC".
Please visit ICMCI website.(www.icmci.org)
Locations Head Office: Saitama, Japan
Institute for Human Asset Management.: Tokyo, Japan