Features The scoring for Human Resources makes company/organization to be enforced. It is easy to be found out the strengthen point and the weak point by this Human Resource scoring system. We will give you the solution for your concern. This system is based on Buddha's teaching and Late Professor Peter F. Drucker's theory.
Score of
Personality Inventory
New evaluation system for Human Resources is developed for aiming to grasp unseen issues. This system is given the name of "SOPI".
SOPI means the Score of Peraonality Inventory.
This system evaluates the core of Human Spirits/Thinking Logic.
We got many evidences that the way of this evaluation system is valid, through our counseling/consulting for thousands people who are working for different kinds of companies, particularly Information Technology companies. We found the effectiveness of the training after implemented Skill Training, Mind setting Training and Process Training to them. Also, we are consulting those who manage their own companies, as management consulting.
Management/Manager/Leader are evaluated by this Business Skills scoring. They will know their competence, but also weak point.
They need these business skills for job management as daily activity.
Global Skills scoring is focused on the Business Skills of MBA level.
This Global Skills help Leader/Manager in daily business life.
It is not depending on Job Field; Marketing, Sales, Outbound Call Center, Treasury, HR, QC and Others
We will deliver the Global Skill Training.
This "New Hiring" evaluates basic skill of new hiring person/newcomer.
Basic skill, working style are a part of its indicators.
Daily Life Style Daily Life Style influences those who are working for business.
Its improvement is an important thing for them, particularly job style and health care. Time management is included as an indicator of Daily Life Style.
Training We recommend Skill/Character Training for getting upper level.