To make Mission status with CEO/Management.
And, download above mission into the organization/company.
To make their own corporate culture.
To make Marketing Creation, Business Modeling as Consulting Service.
If need, one of our consulting feature, we provide products to our clients as a vender of hardware and software development. Also, cover R&D services. It is like "on hand consulting".
Human Resource
To enforce the organization/Company Power by high quarlity Human Resources. Scoring for Human Resouce find out their weak point on business skill and also their charactor.
Human Resource Scoring System is developped through 10 years counseling for thousands people who are working for different kinds of companies, particulary Information Technology companies.
Training Service: Skill Training, Mind setting Training and Process Training
Licence Certified Management Consultant by The International Council of Management Consulting Institutes. It is called "CMC".
Please visit ICMCI website.(